Packages & Retreats

Packages & Retreats


Move into your sacred body with a customized yoga +/or dance journey before a Bodymind Session to weave the precious threads of your life together with clarity. Surrender into the bliss of a bodywork medicine session and step into a new beginning. This day of ceremony invokes the potency of your wild genius and activates the treasures of your soul.


• BUSINESS BIRTH & REBIRTH // Connect with the spirit of your project or business. Align with your mission and embody the soulful purpose that your service is meant to provide. Activate your wild genius and weave your sacred gifts into your work.

• RESTORATIVE HEALING // Give the gift of your presence to a specific health issue that has been asking for your precious attention. Dance into the truth your body wants to reveal. Access the subconscious gifts of this experience and align your perspective with loving truth. Bask in bodywork that attends to your rejuvenation & healing.

• DAY OF DELIGHT // Show up with no specific agenda and continue to arrive into what is meant to happen. See what wants to be revealed & cultivated through the medicine of this package. Nourish the innate wisdom of your inner guide and surrender into the places beyond words that transform reality.

3hrs - $275 // 4hrs - $365 // 5 hrs - $450

Contact me about customizing a retreat for your unique situation.


Take a walk around our yard and to the river to learn about the plant allies growing around this area. Learn about cultivated and wild plants. Wildcraft and harvest what is in season. Optional plant meditation and journaling exercises available to deepen your experience of connecting to the plants.
$20 - $40 sliding scale.