Aloha friend and welcome. Lomi Lomi is absolutely magical!

Lomi Lomi connects you to the elements of the earth and the universe within. Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork is an ancient temple-style ceremonial rite-of-passage that invites deep remembering and new beginnings. Through embracing the present and opening more deeply to the love at the core of us all, lomi offers a ceremony to honour and initiate. Lomi Lomi involves full conscious breathing, while listening to chanting and singing offered in love. This relaxing and rejuvenating "massage includes long fluid rhythmic strokes over the whole body using the hands as instruments of the heart. Lomi combines deeply relaxing techniques with energy balancing and remedial deep tissue work... increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage." (Astraea Starr)

There are long repetitive massage movements and range of motion movements supporting healthy joint function, physical and emotional release and flexible thinking.  Lomi means, "to remove what doesn't belong" while bridging earth and sky in the body.  Traditionally this session is offered by 3-4 lomi givers on 1 person for 4-5 hours. Wow! 

Are you ready for a new beginning?

 1.5 hr to 3 hr sessions.  

1.5 hr $150.00 / 2 hr $225.00 / 2.5 hr $250.00 / 3 hr $300.00 

Please add an extra complimentary 30 mins to your session for consultation and integration after your session.

"Aloha dear one. Awaken to the loving miracle you are. I will sing to you and chant in praise of your
precious heart, illumitated spirit and pure potential." - Christy  

"Christy held a depth of presence that supported me to drop deeply into my transformational process.  She has a wonderful healing touch and deep skill.  She holds a clear space and has so many tools in her tool box.  She is one of my favourite bodyworkers."  - Leyolah Antara, Australia, Founder of Kundalini Dance