BodyMind Sessions

BodyMind Sessions

Allow space for your body's innate wisdom to reveal safe, subconscious messages to light of your conscious awareness. Explore consciousness medicine that weaves ancient wisdom with the application of modern quantum physics. Connect fragmented parts of yourself with healthy internal communication for optimal bodymind funtioning.


• In Person 
• Via Phone
• Via Skype
• Via Email (recorded & emailed to you)

BodyMind Session - $95 
Package of 4 sessions - $320 (adds up to $60 off or 1 session for $40)/

To enjoy the session in your location of choice in the Cowichan Valley, please add a $50 outcall fee.
I am a Standing Member of the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada. Some massage therapy sessions may be covered.

If you need to cancel, please provide 24hrs notice so that you are not charged
​the full price of your session.   

"To promote the healing response, you must get past all of the grosser levels of the body - cells, tissues, organs and systems, and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect". - Deepak Chopra

I started to receive BodyTalk sessions and was blown away by what was coming up, releasing and shifting in my life through the doorway of this modality. Unhealthy and conditioned belief systems were being processed and dissolved from my consciousness and my internal growth skyrocketed. It's done wonders for my relationships, parenting journey, self worth, health, financial consciousness and infusing my business with soul calling.

After many years of offering bodywork, energy work, yoga and movement, I knew there was another piece that I wanted bring in that supported my clients to access more understanding and transformation when it came to issues that were showing up in their lives. I wanted to invite a shift in perception for clients who were coming in with a body or life symptom that was not going away after trying "everything". I found that many people weren't accessing the underlying reasons for these messages or life symptoms. I wanted to be able to support those openings in awareness. Why were these things happening? Consciousness medicine is one intuitive and valuable way to allow ripe answers to reveal themselves.

During a session you may lay on the table fully clothed, sit in a chair or be a distance. 

BodyMind Sessions can help you to:

-awaken dormant gifts, strengths, creative potential and your soul purpose
-shed old patterns and belief systems that are leaking energy and are not in alignment with who you really are
-look deeper at the messages your body, life and emotions are bringing to you
-digest, integrate and release emotions 
-address animal behavioural issues and physical symptoms

-process traumatic experiences
-experience relief of pain & increase in health
-address underlying causes of symptoms and the roots of allergies
-open to a healthy shift in life and anchor into body wisdom
-access emotional, mental and spiritual support during life transitions 
-increase vitality and balance for an upcoming performance or event
-bring the light of awareness to financial consciousness or business health
-create more healthy family or relationship dynamics
-strengthen your BodyMind system in relationship to what you experience in your life

-create more space in your life for your true, authentic potential to emerge...yes please!!

When working with small children or animals, sessions maybe done with a surrogate person or from a distance.


How does a distance session work?

Distance energy healing is based on quantum physics principles and is scientifically known as non-local healing and proven to be extremely effective. Harvard University even teaches seminars in non-local healing. From this understanding time and space are not a factor in the potency of a session because everything is connected and part of a continuous whole. Long Distance Healing is essentially wireless technology. Your Innate Wisdom and subconscious mind has complete access to your history and is part of the unified field of consciousness which we are all connected to. During a distance session, the practitioner will tune into your unique frequency (like one cell phone to another) while you relax in a chair or lie down in your place of choice. You can choose to have your distant session on Skype, by phone or to have your recorded session emailed to you. ♥︎

"Christy Greenwood is an intuitive practioner and she operates from the heart. She is non-imposing and gently navigates through a session as a clear channel. I have experienced some incredible answers to some challenges that have come up in my life through these sessions. It is often a realization that I can solve the 'problem' from within. Christy's intuitive tools have supported me to have a perspective change and link up some unseen aspects of my life to help me shift the story I may be looping in. Consciousness Medicine is a pathway to personal freedom." - Ali Bertin, Devoted Magical Mama, Amazing Creative Seamstress at ancientFUTURES, Cowichan Valley