I believe expressive dance &  is a gateway into wild truth. I believe that shedding the layers of oppressive conditioning that have been overlaid on the human form is of the utmost importance. I believe we do this by rewilding and aligning our lives with love. I believe that what it took to bring our souls into our bodies in this lifetime is a miracle. We are more powerful than we realise and I believe in our awe-inspiring, magnificence. I believe in the love that birthed us all.

My goal is to provide experiences that ignite & activate the flame of loving truth in the hearts of all who are called to my work. We are candles lighting each other when one of us goes out. My goal is for my offerings to be candles for the light of spirit.

I allow my hands to be the hands of spirit and my heart to embody loving truth. May my offerings be a gift to those who would benefit most. ❤︎

I help sensitives explore their growth edges and navigate emerging awareness.

I value love, humour, presence, connection, nature, animal wisdom, dance, music, creativity and the magic of the Great Mystery that is continually revealing itself. Most of all, I practice being with what is.
I deeply appreciate silence, full-out laughter, deep sobbing cries, and safe, unconventional approaches to processing, digesting and releasing emotion and shedding the old layers of the ever-peeling onion that we are.
I offer this work to serve, learn, grow and engage with life in a connected and meaningful way. 
I continue to explore the far reaches of the inner universe through life's daily lessons, ceremony and continual emerging awareness.

I am devoted to practice of embracing the light, dark and rainbow within.

I have a capacity to hold a sacred container of respectful space for deep transformative healing processes initiated by the innate wisdom of those who feel called to work with me. 

I dance on my evolutionary edge as a transformation specialist, healing artist, dance machine and student of motherhood, music and plant allies.

I delight in the synchronicities that reveal the underlying forces at work. I bow to the Great Mystery that weaves us all into the wonder of existence.

I am a daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend, cousin and community member. I live, learn and love with my dynamic teenage son, nature devoted husband and cute honey-lovekin cats near Rainbow Pool, Cowichan River in our spirited Vancouver Island community on Canada's west coast. Here we love connecting with the land and waters, harvesting wild food & medicines, playing music and being creative. On this land we have had the honour to take care and enjoy the companionship of a beautiful husky dog, goats, chickens and ducks. We hold a deep reverance for this place and truly honour the Cowichan Territory.

You can frequently find me at any of Vancouver Island's skateparks where I take my son to support his obsession with doing crazy tricks that make me grateful for helmets and knee pads.
I work with individuals & groups who are ready to pivot in a direction that deeply nourishes a revolution in consciousness. 
Training & Experience:

•14 years of parenting a spirited son
•Learning from nature, animals, plants and inspired creativity since childhood
•Standing Member of the 
Natural Health Care Pracititioners of Canada
•Consciousness Medicine, Whole Health Care Training & certication as a BodyTalk Practitioner
Kundalini Dance Faciliator Training with Leyolah Antara
•Hawaiin Shamanic Bodywork & Lomi Lomi initations with www.shamanicbodywork.com
•Jin Shin Do ® Courses with Tolling Jennings at www.five-elements.ca and Doreen Bakstad at www.jinshindo.com. Go to www.jinshindo.org to learn more about these amazing programs at the Jin Shin Do® Foundation for Bodymind Acupressure®.
Hot & Cold LaStone Therapy Training, Tofino BC
•Worked as an RMT and hydrotherapy practitioner in Manitoba, PEI and Whistler at a world class spa offering luxurious sessions to people from all over the world.
•200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at www.pranayogacollege.comVancouver
Usui Reiki Master Initations & Certification, Manitoba, Whistler, Tofino
•Thai Massage Training - Old Medicine Hospital, Chaing Mai, Thailand
Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, 2200hr Advanced Massage Therapy Program in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1999

I look forward to learning about you.
What a wild ride this life is.
It's amazing we exist!
What a miracle. 

With love, gratitude & humour,
Christy Rainbow Dawn