I love taking photos of the magnificent dance between light, colour and relationships. I am an amateur photographer who creates a really fun, safe and creative experience for those in front of the lens.

Expect to hear things from me during a session such as:

-"Think of baby unicorns (or puppies, kittens, giraffes or baby anything!)"

-"Think of baby puppies on top of baby goats with birds and rainbows in the sky!"

-"You are so adorable (or cute, fantastic, amazing or whatever other comment that is totally true)!"  
I promise, that I won't over do it on the compliments unless I see it working for you. ;)

-Of course the classic, "Wooork it, woork it!

-"Be your silliest self! Be super serious!! Be your wild and crazy self! Be your magnificent self."

I get silly okay? Thinking of baby unicorns usually helps people get more comfortable as I capture their radiance. ;) 

2 hr sessions in the Cowichan Valley: $300
-includes a memory stick with all your photos for you to do as you wish












        The spaciousness of silent stillness cradles us all in the eternal dance. 

                                                         The light between the moving pieces shines on.

                                                                                                   I celebrate your magnificence.