Rewilding Through Dance

Rewilding Through Dance

When I dance, I dance into thoughts & those spaces between thoughts. I dance between the layers of endless doing and drop into deep presence in my body when I move with mindfulness.  Our whole body houses our soul. Every cell. In our overly cerebral culture, we have been habituated & conditioned to separate the mind from the body. We get “cut off at the neck” with our main focus centralised in the head. The head drags the body around until the body says no. When we open up to the dance we open that channel between the body and the head. When thoughts are rooted in the wisdom of the heart & body the alignment that can take place is potent and life changing.

When we pour our experience, emotions, feelings and thoughts into body shapes we give our whole being the opportunity to explore the inherent therapeutic nature of free expression. Many people are afraid to dance and need to drink alcohol to loosen up that fear of being seen. Centuries of oppression overlaid on the human soul & body has taken its toll on free movement. 

Dance is important because it activates that wild genius in us, that soul spark that illuminates the parts of ourselves that have been caged in rigid thinking, belief systems or unprocessed emotions. When we bring presence, breath & movement to the cage of stagnancy, it unlocks it. And then what? What happens when we unravel these layers of conditioning and let the wild genius out of it’s conditioned cage? We feel, grow, laugh, cry, release and activate that fire in the heart that is longing to be stoked by the beat.