The World Needs You to Feel

The World Needs You to Feel

In the enormous wonder, love, beauty, insanity, despair, and suffering present on this planet, I celebrate those moments where any one of us can truly embody our feelings, especially joy. The world needs your laughter, tears and deep contentment that comes on the other side of processing what's uncomfortable. It's medicine for the world. 

I honour all the emotions and anyone who is gifted the opportunity to truly feel grateful and happy during life on this wild planet. When we feel & allow ourselves to process pain, grief and anger there is more happiness on the other side and inevitably more to give to others. Those emotions aren't negative, they are part of a healthy emotional landscape that deserve attention and presence.

There is a story about a woman who was asked why she was happy so much. She said it was because she cried alot. It really is a pendulum that was meant to swing both ways. A pendulum that can be watched by the silent inner witness and danced by our breath, bodies, creations, conversations and sweet surrender into the movement of the internal shifting landscape. 

During moments of happiness that emerge within the diversity of the emotional weather of each day, I offer my joy to the world. I feel it fully, just like my grief and anger. If I can't who will? It is truly an important gift to anchor happiness into our human consciousness. We are in for a wild ride here and true joy is an antedote for all the madness; in addition to processing the pieces of madness that arise within us.

It's amazing we exist at all. What a miracle.