Conscious Speech

Conscious Speech


As I continue on the path of becoming a leader in my own life, I am being called to share with you the power of transformative speaking. How can you refine your sharing so less is more?  This doesn't mean the potency of your speaking is less, it's more of a refinement which supports your message to be more fully recieved with ease and grace, allowing you to share without leaking energy on extra words that fill more space and time. 

Conscious communication is a work in progress and a lifetime practice. Be patient with yourself. 

Remember that when you speak you are asking others to take their precious time to listen to what you are saying. Extra words and unconscious speaking leaks your energy and the listener's energy, so breathe and be present.  The details aren't always as important to your listener as you think they are! Being heard is a gift that you are given from others who are listening to you.  Show your gratitude and acknowledgement by weaving what is potent and not filling the space just to fill the space. Many details we share only fill the space and aren't pertinent to the message. They actually can take away from your point and the present moment while leaking energy for all involved.