Winter's Invitation

Winter's Invitation

Winter deepens as the daylight grows with the play between stillness and movement continuing during this yin season of hibernation. The quiet winter meditations & hikes show me how loud I can be on the inside sometimes. What are you noticing within you during this time? Cultivating patience with the self feels like the foundation in the house of quiet. I can sense my consciousness going down into the roots to feel, heal, nourish and embrace the stillness of the long nights. I feel what's vulnerable, wonderful, uncomfortable, and delightful. Whatever is there/here I will be with. Sometimes I feel this dragon inside and when I wake her, she's more powerful than I know what to do with....but that's another story all together. Can you relate? 

May this time naturally put together pieces of this life puzzle through the subtle yet deep qualities & medicine of winter. May this yin winter season nourish you thoroughly and support the inner cultivation of grace, peace & love for us all. The invitation yinwards continues....