Surrender to the dance and let go.....

Surrender to the dance and let go.....
This transformational offering is a sacred journey and celebration with world and conscious electronic music. Through yoga, Kundalini Dance, breath & energy work and authentic sound we will explore the main energetic flows in the body and open to the wisdom of the elements, colours and chakras. This is an invitation into the treasures that freedom of expression can offer. Namaste*

Dancing friends,

You are invited to a yoga and ecstatic dance journey to welcome the new beginnings of spring and to celebrate the precious gifts of your heart wisdom. What are you co-creating with the canvas of your life? 

We are miracles in progress! With the medicine of breath, sound, yoga, and surrendering into the freedom of dance we will journey into the treasures of the body and into the heart of creation. Let us celebrate this potent opportunity to be alive and start anew with the energy of the budding spring!

Ask about creating a retreat suited to the needs of you or your group including a yoga/dance journeys and bodywork.