Slow, deep breaths......

Slow, deep breaths......

Aloha lovely people,

We had so many people come and help us with the Tipi floor and we are almost done!  It will be a wonderful space for people to integrate and relax after a session or for personal yoga classes and circles.  The land is blossoming around the Tipi and it feels like paradise here. My gratitude is immense.

We finished the final layer of clay, sand and straw in The Healing Hut. It looks beautiful and really deepens the beauty of the space with the infusion of deep terra cotta into the floor.  The Healing Hut used to be our goat barn. The story of the goats and their departure from our lives is one I will blog about soon. It's an incredible story that is so moving and heart opening.

At Harmony yoga in Duncan, I've been facilitating a journey through the chakras and we are about to flow from the watery creative well of the sacral chakra and enter into the fire of the solar plexus tomorrow night.  I've been considering my perspective of what healthy power looks and lives like. I feel power in being present, peace, gentleness, transformation, letting go, creativity, laughter, nourishing food, music, dance, freedom, play and love.  What makes you feel most empowered in a healthy way?

A big thank you to Kelly Hays for creating this website and providing so much support in making it user friendly. I highly recommend his excellent services. Thanks Kelly!

Wishing you all a peaceful day,