Winter and the Teachings of the White Lion


Winter is a profound, sometimes deeply nourishing, sometimes super intense time to discover the vast inner world that invites deep reflection, contemplation and emotional processing. I know that the tears I have shed lately have created such a feeling of relief. It takes so much strength being sensitive and willingly embracing the vulnerability that comes with feeling and softening our hearts.

Fear has been one emotion that I am very slowly learning to navigate. The very nature of fear creates physiological responses that can freeze up our systems and yet it's designed to keep us safe at the core primal level. When I look the amount of times I've been fearful, it's only a minority of those times when I was actually in danger! What an energy leak. Getting run over by a car when I was 16...scary. Almost dying in the surf in Tofino as a flailing beginner wave rider....frightening!! Not being able to find my son as a toddler for 30 minutes in Tofino....the worst!!

I can't even watch a movie trailer for a thriller or I'll be up in the night with those images painted over my consciousness as I wake. I've been a scaredy pants for a while about lots of things and I'm done leaking energy this way! It's been holding me back big time!

Many of us are aware that we are connected to the collective human consciousness and many of our thoughts are NOT our "own", yet we are experiencing them as our own. This can lay an additional web of fear over our authentic selves that can be paralyzing or even manifest on the denser energetic planes in our bodies as pain and illness. This can keep us locked in old familiar patterns that hold us back from the magnificence of being who we truly are and allowing authentic expression to occur. 

The mind can get whipped out of control around something that isn't even happening and the physiological response indicates that something is. What can we do? How can we be with this? 

From the 5 element perspective fear is processed by the Kidneys. The kidneys and bladder are the organs that need extra nourishment in the winter. They represent and process the element of water and the deep yin, feminine quality of life. In winter, when we allow ourselves the regeneration, sleep, deep rest and surrender to the (y)inner world combined with enough activity to keep our fire lit and energy moving, we are nourishing the essence and chi/energy at the very core level. This supports our relationship to trust and courage which helps to alchemize fear.

In BodyTalk sessions, the consciousness or spirit of an animal or plant will show up to reflect a quality of ourselves that wants to emerge. The White Lion is an animal that has surfaced for me lately and has been really helping me with my relationship to fear. The consciousness of this magnificent creature invites us to meditate on the heart centre when fear arises. The courageous heart of a lion shows us how to face fear by reminding us to anchor our focus and presence downward from the unruly mind into our loving heart centres where trust resides....and it works! 

So, how else can we nourish the kidneys? 
-go to bed early, 10pm at the latest
-drink plenty of clean water
-keep your feet and lower back warm
-avoid caffeine, alcohol and excess salt
-be gentle and kind with yourself 
-practicing listening to your body's needs
-explore gentle yoga, meditation and breath work to nourish the lungs where courage resides (from Chinese 5 Element Theory)
-meditate on the qualities of the lion heart

This is a wild and beautiful world. May your courageous hearts be cradled from the agony to the bliss as we continue this journey of conscious discovery.

In Courage and Love,

P.S. Please click here to support the precious and endangered White Lions.

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