Things To Do When You are Overwhelmed


Tools to reach for when you are overwhelmed or freaking out.

If you find yourself struggling with looping thoughts or challenging emotions,
here are some tools (other than dance) that can help soothe your nervous system.


Breathing consciously brings us into the now and supports the digestion of life experiences & emotions. Breathe in fresh new energy and
breath out what needs to go. 

Gather your threads of focus into the now. Bring your awareness to gravity.
Feel the weight of your feet on the ground and tune into your roots. Imagine, sense or visualize roots coming from the bottom of your feet grounding you down into the Earth and stabilizing you. Let yourself be held up by the ground. Explore feeling the support of your foundation.

Body Scan 
Give your mind the job of scanning your body from your head to your feet, feeling and noticing what is happening. Use your senses one at time (look, listen, feel, smell, taste) to arrive in your present place and time. Feel the sensations in your body and breathe into them. 

Shake It
Shake it out. Gently shake the body from your feet to your jaw. Releasing through sound is helpful here.
"Shaking unlocks a wild place, the unconscious wilderness...This place of wilderness is home to the shamans, Quakers, Gnostics, Taoists, yoginis, anarchists, American Indians, alchemists, Bushmen, Shakers, Sufis, Teilhard de Chardin Catholics, biologists, Druids, Zen Buddhists, and Tibetans -- traditions awed by mysteries that are greater than our capacity to understand." - From Bradford Keeny

Sound Purge
Gather what is rising within you and release it out of your throat and mouth with sound. A good scream in the car or a wailing sound by the river can be revolutionary! lol

Bathe in Nature Medicine
Go out and reset your natural energy with the elements. Use your senses to receive and bask in the glory of the natural world.  Explore heartfelt relating with plant and animal allies. The trees feel your presence. Maybe your hands want to go into the water. 

Water Therapy
Shower or have a salt bath with organic oils that nurture your constitution. Let the healing power of water cleanse you.

Journal or Get Creative
Pouring your experience into artist expression supports your integration and is incredibly therapeutic.

Take good care,