Earth and Roots


MAKA - Mother Earth, Birth 
"I live that you may live. In the dream time of creation, I brought forth the womb. I nourish
all to whom I give birth. You, child, are as dear to me as the Elk that roam the forest glad and the 
Trees that grow upon my body. I speak to you of abiding Love, of sustaining nourishment, of endless
rounds of seasons and change. 
I am a place of rest where you are known in all your aspects. I am your home. 
I am she who is your own Heart of hearts. I am creator of life upon this plane. With the
energy of the Sun in Motion, I create the Passion that manifests.
Know that I am pleased with my children as they remember their origins and the wisdom
of my heart, which is your own." -Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards by Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer and Helen Sarks